Hi. I’m Lisa. For a long time, I was afraid to attach my name to this blog because what if someone found it, and well, hated me for it. Like that time Bali Boy found his blog and texted me saying I should have just kicked him in the chest instead. I felt bad about it for an hour, and then remembered that time he told me I was crazy. Well, he was right. I am crazy, so c’est la vie.

In other news, here are a few things you might not now about me. I’m a Life Coach. Surprise! That’s my day job, and I looooove it. I work with people who want a dose of empowerment and are looking to get in touch with their inherent creativity. Also, my clients are really freaking great at laughing at themselves, because welp, what’s more important than that?! And that’s exactly what I do here.

Here’s something else that you might not know about me. I think i’m pretty funny. Every since I was a kid, humor has been my favorite pastime. While most little girls were at ballet lessons (this is a big ol’ bold ancient non-feminist generalization), I was doing stand-up for my parents at dinner time. I was likely the only one laughing – and that’s been the norm for me ever since. I crack myself up, usually when I’m alone, sometimes when I’m on the subway, and occasionally in the company of others. Now, I’m cracking myself up with a dose of self-deprecation and sharing it with the world. Honestly, there is nothing greater than making fun of myself in public.



What is a parable? For those of you who are not familiar with this word, a parable is a short story that illustrates a moral attitude or lesson. Now, let’s get this straight. I am by no means imparting any lessons here. My parables are mere stories that hopefully will make you say to yourself, “Yes! Me too!”


And wait! What is pimping? Pimping is generally not a good thing. But let’s not focus on the negatives. “Pimping my Parables” is a bit like MTV’s “Pimp my ride” without the fame and fortune of an MTV show or a pimpin’ ride. What it does attempt to do is “gussy up” my parables and parade them on the internet superhighway, simply because I can.



Pimping my parables does not intend to hurt or harm any readers. The title apologizes for offending anyone out there who does not connect with the word “pimping” and I can assure you that this title intends to “pimp” in the most humane way possible. No one has been hurt in the making of this blog. All names have been changed, but if you discover “pimping my parables” and think you might be one of the characters lighting up this blog’s life, I can assure you that it’s definitely not you, it is someone who just happens to have your exact same story. What are the odds?!


Oh and hey, if you wanna contact me, go ahead. I double dare ya.

Lisa Daron Grossman  – Lisadaron.com


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